About Me

I fell in love with photography when, as an 11 year old Boy Scout, I set out to earn the Photography Merit Badge. Back then, we used this stuff called film to capture images. We developed the film and printed the photographs in a darkroom using things like an enlarger, light sensitive photo paper, and chemicals. I earned the badge and I've been twisting light and bending color ever since.

Today, the technology used to capture and share images has changed dramatically, but the most important aspects of creating stunning images haven't changed. When people ask me what equipment I use to make photographs, I say my eyes and my heart. The other stuff is just a bag of tools.

I believe that a photograph should be visually stunning not only technically, but capable of creating an emotional connection with the viewer. I challenge myself to create one of a kind, unique images that tell a story. I love to make beautiful images that reflect your unique personality. It is my goal that the photos I make for you will capture you and your loved ones in this unique moment in time. I am also passionate about helping my clients display beautiful photographic memories in their homes so they do not languish in "the cloud" or on a CD in the junk drawer for years to come!

The first step to having beautiful photos is to get in touch with me. I'd love to discuss your needs and help you capture the moment. Please send me a message and I'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.